Zoey Silver is the daughter of Nicole Silver and the niece of Kim Burgess.


A Dark Day and 8:30PM

Zoey's first appearance was in Chicago Fire's "A Dark Day" when a hospital explosion left several people dead and in critical condition. It was revealed that Kim had also been there with her niece, Zoey, who was seriously injured.

Intelligence was there with Kim, supporting her through it, after she revealed to the doctors and her friends that Zoey's parents had been away on a trip and had entrusted Kim with Zoey's safety. She was very upset and on the verge of a breakdown when she was told that Zoey would die because her liver failed. However, another girl the same age as Zoey, Imogen, had also been injured and was brain-dead. The doctors used Imogen's liver to save Zoey.

Season 4

In Little Bit of Light, Kim told Ruzek that her sister would be coming to visit. She told him Nicole hated him for breaking the engagement and when they met, Kim was under the impression that they were here for a visit.

When Kim got home, she saw boxes of Nicole and Zoey's things. Nicole revealed that her and Jordan were divorcing. Kim supported her decision but was surprised that her sister hadn't mentioned anything before, but Nicole's answer to Kim's questions were avoidant. Nicole also enrolled Zoey into their local school.

In the end of the episode, Nicole went out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

In Last Minute Resistance, Kim woke up and Nicole still wasn't home. She called Zoey to get her ready for school and took her herself. They then found out Nicole had been drugged and assaulted. Nicole told Kim not to tell Zoey. In the same episode, Jordan came back from New York and demanded custody of Zoey. Kim told him Zoey would be staying with her until Nicole was released from hospital. Jordan began to badmouth Nicole and said that she was out partying and it was her fault and that she clearly wasn't a good mouther. At this point Kim was extremely angered and told Jordan to get out and told him Zoey wouldn't be going anywhere with him. She was supported by seriously angered police officers, including Trudy, who stood behind her and backed her while she yelled at Jordan. Jordan left without Zoey.