Wrong Side of the Bars is the second episode of the first season of Chicago PD. It aired on NBC on January 15, 2014.


When Antonio's son Diego's kidnappers demand the release of the drug lord, "Pulpo", the Intelligence Unit uses all its resources to find the boy. This includes going through the unit's array of old files. Detective Jay Halstead discovers fellow Detective Erin Lindsay's file and her past, including her relationship with Voight.

Antonio considers making a deal with the kidnappers, but backs out. He tracks down an old informant who offers him news on where Diego was held. With this, the team raids a motel and arrests one of the kidnappers. With the blessing of Antonio's wife, Laura, to do what is necessary to get their son back, Voight and Antonio use excessive force to get the info they need from the kidnapper. They are led to Chicago Union Station, where the team splits up.

A dumped mobile is found first by tech expert Sheldon Jin. Erin then finds Diego about to board the bus with the other kidnapper and, at the last minute, gets on board. When the kidnapper is trapped on board he tries to use Diego as leverage to escape, but Ruzek drives another bus into the vehicle, forces the kidnapper to let go of the boy. Antonio kills the kidnapper as Erin catches Diego. The cops later attend Detective Willhite's funeral.