This article is for the wiki staff. For Fandom or Wikia staff, see Help:Staff.

Wiki Staff are members of the Chicago TV Wiki that have been authorised to help administrate and moderate the wiki. All staff members have proved themselves to be reliable and helpful members of the community. Moderators often browse recent edits to look out for spam and trolls, where as Administrators usually prevent such actions occurring in the first place, by place protection on high-traffic pages, deleting useless articles and banning abusive users.

Who are the Wiki Staff?

Username Position Status
(wall · contribs)
Founder, Bureaucrat and Admin (sysop) Semi-Active
(wall · contribs)
Wiki Admin Active
(wall · contribs)
Wiki Admin Inactive
(wall · contribs)
Wiki Moderator Semi-Active

How do I join the staff team?

  • Firstly, you need to prove yourself to be reliable, trustworthy and helpful.
  • You need to have many edits, no spam or abusive comments or articles.
  • Most users are promoted to power user once they are trusted, this is the first step to becoming staff. You will have access to roll-back and other features.
  • Once you are a power user and you have proved yourself then an Administrator will message you and ask you if you are interested in becoming a moderator or administrator.

Additional Information

  • Wiki Staff are for the Chicago TV wiki only! They are not here for technical issues with accounts or the Wiki. If you have an issue like this then contact the Wikia/Fandom Staff Team.
  • Staff members are considered as inactive after 14 days offline and they will be removed from the team after 30 days of inactivity, unless a reason is provided before the absence.