Stepping Stone is the first episode of the first season of Chicago PD. It aired on NBC on January 8, 2014. It is the second series of the Chicago Franchise.


Sergeant Hank Voight of the elite Intelligence Unit at Police District 21 and his team of detectives investigate the brutal slayings by an assassin who is linked to a group of Colombian drug dealers.

During a raid, the team discover a young member of the gang. The boy, D'Anthony, refuses to give up much information, but Voight gives him his card.

Later, Voight receives a call from a bruised D'Anthony, who gives up the name "Pulpo" in exchange for protection. With this lead, the team finds an address.

Veteran undercover Detective Alvin Olinsky recruits Officer Adam Ruzek from the Police Academy, having worked with his father years before. They head to the address. Detectives Antonio Dawson and Julie 'Jules' Willhite head inside first, unaware of any threat. During this time, the others learn "Pulpo" may be inside. Trying to warn Willhite and Dawson is no use, as Jules is shot in the neck and killed. After the suspect is in custody, Antonio's young son, Diego, is abducted.