The first season of Chicago Med premiered on November 17, 2015 on the NBC channel in the United States.

This season concluded on May 17, 2016 after 18 episodes had been aired.


The season focused on the lives of the Chicago Medical Center medic team.

Rhodes had difficulty getting past problems with his own family. He also had a hard time working with Halstead due the two having differing opinions on a number of cases. The latter also has a few issues with the law.

Manning and Choi both have difficulties letting go of their past, and Reese finds it hard to settle in.





Episode list

Episode Title Director Writer Release Date
1 Derailed Michael Waxman Andrew Dettman November 17, 2015
Dr. Connor Rhodes joins Chicago Medical Centre during a busy day, and has disagreements with Dr. Will Halstead. Sarah Reese and Dr. Natalie Manning struggle with personal issues.
2 iNo Fred Berner Stephen Hootstein November 24, 2015
Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead get into a disagreement over a sensitive case.
3 Fallback Tara Nicole Weyr Simran Baidwan December 1, 2015
Halstead and Manning work with a young musician experiencing hearing loss. Rhodes gets caught up in a personal case after his father tries to undermine him.
4 Mistaken Donald Petrie Eli Talbert December 8, 2015
Dr. Halstead treats a brain-injured patient, which then takes a turn for the worst. Sharon Goodwin rejects Dr. Rhodes' request for a transplant.
5 Malignant Nick Gomez Jeff Drayer January 5, 2016
Herrmann's admittance to hospital leads to a clash between Rhodes, Severide and Halstead after Jay gets involved. Follows The Beating Heart.
6 Bound Michael Waxman Will Pascoe January 19, 2016
Natalie goes into labour, and Will is told to stop getting close to her by Natalie's mother-in-law, Helen. Dr. Rhodes gets into a dilemma with two of his patients. Sarah has difficulties delivering news to her patient's parents.
7 Saints Jann Turner Mary Leah Sutton January 26, 2016
Sharon is faced with a moral dilemma. April tries to lookout for a homeless man. Helen feels uninvolved in Natalie's life when her parents arrive and suggest a life-changing decision.
8 Reunion Donald Petrie David Weinstein &

Stephen Hootstein

February 2, 2016
Dr. Manning returns to work to a child abuse case with Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead.
9 Choices Jean de Segonzac Joshua Hale Fialkov February 9, 2016
Dr. Halstead gets too invested while treating a patient. Dr. Choi struggles with problems from his past. Dr. Downey recruits Dr. Rhodes, who agrees to work with him after making a discovery about him.
10 Clarity Fred Berner Safura Fadavi February 16, 2016
Dr. Halstead is under fire over his previous actions regarding a patient. Dr. Choi and Sarah treat a difficult patient, which upsets Sarah as she contemplates continuing her residency.
11 Intervention Sanford Bookstaver Jeff Drayer &

Simran Baidwan

February 23, 2016
Dr. Halstead continues to deal with the consequences of ignoring his patient's DNR order. He and Dr. Manning then talk to a young girl's parents whose parents refuse to vaccinate her. April makes a difficult decision involving her brother, Noah.
12 Guilty Holly Dale Mary Leah Sutton &

Danny Weiss & Stephen Hootstein

March 29, 2016
Maggie is arrested following her actions regarding a DUI teenager. Dr. Rhodes picks her up and shares a story. Dr. Charles works with a patient while trying to balance his own issues.
13 Us Michael Waxman Diane Frolov & Andrew

Schneider & Jeff Drayer

April 5, 2016
Dr. Halstead's DNR patient is discharged from the hospital and is too sick to continue her trial against him. Sarah performs a risky procedure, and also finds out the department she's been assigned to following her residency and struggles with the decision.
14 Hearts Donald Petrie Liz Brixius April 19, 2016
Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles treat a patient with a confusing diagnoses. Dr. Rhodes tries to deal with the consequences when a child dies on the operating table. Dr. Choi deals with his PTSD. Sarah goes through a very difficult time as she does not want to join pathology, which Sharon says is not possible.
16 Inheritance Stephen Cragg Joseph Sousa April 26, 2016
Dr. Choi works with a pregnant woman who refuses to have an emergency c-section because of her healthcare and job plan. Dr. Halstead treats a friend. April finds herself in another dilemma involving Noah when she catches him running a side-business without a license.
16 Disorder
Dr. Choi works with paramedics. Dr. Charles and Dr. Rhodes end up misdiagnosing a patient with dementia.
17 Withdrawal
Dr. Halstead and April get into a disagreement over a patient. Dr. Manning is worried when she loses her wedding ring. Dr. Rhodes has a difficult time when he is unable to properly perform surgery because the patient does not want a blood transplant.
18 Timing
Dr. Rhodes tells his mentor, Dr. Downey, that his cancer is incurable and has spread, and things soon take a turn for the worst. Sharon has a tough time after finding out that her husband is leaving her. Dr. Halstead is worried about April after she injures herself.