Now Is Always Temporary is the fourth episode of the first season of Chicago PD. It aired on NBC on January 29, 2014.


The Intelligence Unit handles an intense hostage situation when an artist takes a call girl at gunpoint before taking his own life. The call girl tells Erin about a prostitute named Nadia Decotis who reveals the location of another dead body, in exchange for a hit. They learn the artist helped make counterfeit money and track down the counterfeiters with the help of a Secret Service Agent who is a friend of Voight's.

Erin pursues more information from Nadia, until Nadia becomes sober. With all the information and Nadia now sober, she keeps her promise, driving the call girl to a street, where on one side there is a dealer dealing drugs and on the other there is a clinic that will help her get clean. Erin gives her her card, telling her this is something she must decide for herself. As she drives away, Erin stops and begins to break down, shedding more light on her history.

Meanwhile, Officers Kevin Atwater and Kim Burgess are assigned to convince a hoarder to clean her house or face charges. When their first attempt fails, Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt reprimands Burgess and Atwater for being too soft, and demands they go back to the house. When they go back, Atwater and Burgess discover a child being held captive in the hoarder's house. Olinsky learns that his daughter, Lexi, was holding a handful of joints for her boyfriend. Lexi is at first hurt by her father getting the truth out of her boyfriend, but the pair soon make up with a backyard father-daughter dance.

Halstead reveals his reasons why he holds a grudge against the father and son he accosted before. The son, Lonnie Rodiger, molested and killed a kid who was the brother of Halstead's high school girlfriend, but got off when Lonnie's father, Phil, perjured his son's alibi.

Voight's son Justin gets into a bar fight and the problems between father and son worsen.