Mon Amour is the second episode of the first series of Chicago Fire. This episode aired on NBC on October 17, 2012.

Plot Summary

Kelly Severide struggles with an ongoing shoulder injury, sustained in the same fire that killed fellow firefighter Andrew Darden, as he tries to save a construction worker from a collapsed building.

Still consumed with guilt over his collegue and friend Andrew Darden's death, Matthew Casey learns that Darden's widow, Heather Darden, also blames Casey for her husband's death. Matthew Casey continues to run into problems in his shaky relationship with his fiancée, Hallie Thomas.

Battalion 25, Squad 3, Truck 81 and Ambulance 61 respond to a call involving two teenagers trapped in a car. They have to race against time to free the other woman, as bits of the window washer's cart continue to fall onto the sidewalk.