Eva Dawson is Antonio Dawson's daughter.

She shares a close bond with her father, and showed up to see him at work in Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw. Antonio was angered when he found out she'd come to see him all by herself. However, he was equally upset when he found out that Eva only came because their parents had been fighting over the phone and Eva heard it and thought she wouldn't be able to see him again. He hugged her and told her that her, Diego and him would never be apart from each other.

She is mentioned again throughout the series by Antonio, who often mentions her age and how she's doing at school.

Season 5

In Season 5, Eva was seen with Antonio, talking about her college application. Antonio asked how it was going, and she told him she was going to write about the struggles of being Latina, even though she thought it was "bullshit" because she hasn't had any problem with her ethnicity in her life. Antonio was furious at this and told her that she might not but others do and that she shouldn't dismiss them.

The same night, Antonio is called to an emergency call, and has to take Eva with him. At the scene is a Latina woman who has been killed. Antonio tells Eva to wait in the car, but she gets out and overhears one of the cops say she was killed and thrown away like "trash", which deeply angers her and she lashes out. Antonio stops her and gets ready to leave. She tells him that he was just talking about protecting Latinos but he won't take this woman's case? It is open and shut to many people at the scene, but Antonio tells the officers to give it to Intelligence because of what Eva said.

It is revealed that Eva has decided to move in with Antonio, because she isn't getting along with her mother's new boyfriend. He says she's a good kid and gets straight As at school.

The case goes sideways when Intelligence is unable to gather enough evidence on the man who has been killing Latinos because he believes they were "illegal". Despite many attempts, Antonio is unable to prove it was the man it is. Voight tries to help Antonio, who is frustrated that Voight isn't doing enough. At the end, when the case is over, Voight resorts to killing the man off the books, and this upsets Antonio, who goes home that night and is exhausted and feeling guilty. Eva reads him the start of her college application in which she discusses her background, and this makes him happy.