Derailed is the first episode of the first season of Chicago Med. It aired on NBC on November 17, 2015.

It had a backdoor pilot on the crossover with Chicago Fire, entitled "I Am the Apocalypse".


The episode begins with Connor Rhodes tipping a busker and getting on a train, whilst Chicago Med's ER Department is having it's opening ceremony, opened by the Mayor himself.

However, unexpectedly the train crashes, and word spreads fast to the hospital ER, and immediately all of the staff begin to prepare things for the influx of patients that would be coming through, and mania sets in. Sharon Goodwin, the head of the ER, quickly activates the hazard disaster plan, and they begin receiving victims.

Connor begins treating the victims of the crash at the site, and gets a ride on the back of an ambulance to the hospital, trying to save a patients life. Once he arrives at the hospital, he bumps heads with Will Halstead, who is wondering why Connor was treating a patient - he didn't think he was a doctor there. Connor then explains that he's the new trauma fellow, and continues treating his patient - playing the rank card with Will to keep his patient.

Sarah Reese comes over to help Connor, but it's obvious that she doesn't want to be there, and is clearly struggling keeping up with the pace. The patient's girlfriend arrives at the hospital and Connor explains the boyfriend's condition - that his brain was without oxygen for too long and he was pronounced dead. It's later revealed that he was going to propose to her before he died.

Natalie Manning begins treating a young girl from the crash, who'd been separated from her father. Her mother quickly arrives, and is informed of the situation, and that her husband was at another hospital with serious injuries. Later, as Sarah receives news that the woman's husband is okay, the girl begins to lose pulse and code. Sarah immediately activates a code blue, and with the help of Ethan Choi, she manages to save her life. She's mortified though - she had to break the girls ribs to resuscitate her, though she is reassured by Ethan that she did the right things to save the girl's life. The girl is later discharged.

Dr. Halstead and Dr. Choi begin treating a pregnant woman who's needs an urgent operation on her brain in order to survive, as it is swollen and medication doesn't seem to be working. However, the patient, Gina, is a surrogate, and the baby's parents made her sign a document, handing all of her medical decisions over to them. At first, they refuse treatment for Gina as they fear it could harm their baby, and the doctors couldn't do anything about it, because if they did the hospital would be sued. Goodwin later finds the mother outside and convinces her to let Gina have the operation, and she consents. Both Gina and the baby turn out fine.

Since all other ER doctors are swamped from the victims of the crash, Sharon asks Connor to look at Jimmy, a friend of the doctors and a regular patient at Med. She also asks Maggie Lockwood to inform Daniel Charles that Jimmy is there. Jimmy had been in and out of hospitals for 8 years because of his condition, and no one took care of him - his father took off and his mother was an alcoholic. Jimmy and Dr. Charles had a close relationship - he taught Jimmy to play chess, and now Jimmy would beat him every time. Jimmy had caught a cold, and with his condition, that had developed into something more serious - pneumonia. Connor told him that he needed to be put on a ventilator and intubated, but Jimmy refused, as he'd already been intubated 8 times before and didn't want to do it again. Connor informs Dr.Charles that there's not much hope unless they could find a lung transplant - and Connor's earlier patient was a match, however at first, the girlfriend resisted. After she saw Jimmy though, she consented, and Jimmy was doing well after the surgery.

Meanwhile, Natalie keeps asking for more patients, as she claims the exercise is good for someone in her condition - being pregnant. She's on her third trimester. April Sexton later joins in, and tells Natalie that her and Maggie wanted to host a crib party for Natalie, to help her get all of the baby stuff ready.

Later, Connor is suturing his own injury from the crash, and April comes in to help him. He tells her that he got his plastic surgery skills from when he was in Saudi Arabia a year after his residency, and apparently they paid well not to leave a scar. He also said he was raised in Chicago but moved away.

After a while, Christopher Herrmann comes along, carrying a box of belongings, probably belonging to one of the victims.

The episode ends with Natalie finding Connor on the roof, formally introducing themselves to each other and revealing to him that her husband, Jeff Manning, was killed in his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Sarah is found practising central lines on dolls, and Connor tells her that he struggled with live patients at first too, and all it took was practise. Maggie, April and Natalie are sitting in Natalie's apartment, failing at putting the crib together, but obviously having fun, with Maggie and April drinking wine, whilst the pregnant Natalie was drinking bottled water.

Credit: Chicago Med Wikia


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