Dr Connor Rhodes is one of Chicago Med's Trauma Surgeons.

Season 1

Connor caused a lot of mixed feelings when he joined and his first day was in the middle of a very busy day. He took lead and this irritated a lot of the staff, including Will and Sharon.

In Malignant, Christopher Herrmann was brought in after being stabbed. Connor was the attending and according to 51, he delayed in treating Herrmann. This wasn't confirmed but Severide asked Jay to ask his brother about it. Will told Jay that he personally thought that Connor delayed. Severide then called Connor out in front of everyone, which upset him. He then figured out it was Will and they argued, and Will apologised.

Connor's background and family were revealed when his sister, Claire, came in with a friend who had been impaled. The friend was mutual and Connor decided to do surgery on him himself. His father, Cornelius, constantly called Connor out and said he wouldn't be capable of carrying out the surgery because he wasn't good enough. Connor refused to step down and Cornelius went to Sharon Goodwin, insisting that Connor not do the surgery, considering he was a big donor of the hospital and should have a say in it. Sharon replied that while she was grateful for the donations, she wasn't going to tell her doctors how to operate or take Connor off the surgery. Connor succeeded in doing it and in the end, Cornelius asked him to come back to the family business. Connor refused to.

Season 2

Connor started dating Robin Charles, daughter of Dr Daniel Charles.

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