Chin Check is the third episode of the first season of Chicago PD. It aired on NBC on January 22, 2014.


During a stakeout, a dealer is killed and Ruzek shot the shooter. The Intelligence Unit discovers armor-piercing bullets stolen from Canada in the house, being sold using insulin boxes to hide them and traces them to several homicides. Olinsky goes undercover to a location, soon finding a stack of illegally imported guns, which results in an intense gunfight when the rest of the team move in.

Halstead confronts some unwelcome people from the past, and Erin consoles Kelly Severide when his sister is missing after his run-in with a criminal.

Ruzek is encouraged to see the counselor following his first shooting of a criminal. Ruzek tries to act like he is fine, but goes too far by asking Antonio if he can have Willhite's old desk. Ruzek later finally reveals to his girlfriend about what he really does for a living now that he has been transferred from the Police Academy.

Voight and Olinsky confront a gang leader to ensure D'Anthony won't be part of the gang. When the leader of the gang is unresponsive, Voight resorts yet again to violence and calls in the help of Olinksy to do so. Meanwhile, Laura wants Antonio to have her meet informant Jasmine. Thinking that Laura is jealous, Antonio sets it up to reassure his wife. Jasmine arrives at the restaurant, originally thinking that the dinner was just for her and Antonio. Shocked and embarrassed, Jasmine tells Laura that she has nothing to worry about. However, Laura just wanted to thank Jasmine personally for her contribution on saving Diego.

Elsewhere, Voight's son Justin gets out of jail and Erin goes to pick him up. Voight orders her to go alone, having made preparations for D'Anthony to be picked up. Erin is shocked when Justin kisses her and promises to show her that he is not a child anymore.