"District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups. There are the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head to head with the city's street crimes. And there's the Intelligence Unit, the team that combats the city's major offenses - organized crime, drug trafficking, high profile murders and beyond."

Chicago PD is an American police procedural drama television series,created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead.

The series originally premiered on NBC on January 8, 2014 as a spin-off of Chicago Fire.


Chicago PD primarily focuses on the lives of officers in the Chicago Police Department. Specifically patrol officers of the 21st precinct and detectives within the Intelligence Unit, whom pursue the city's major offenders.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Crossover Cast


Season One

Episode Title Air Date Synopsis
1x01 Stepping Stone 1/8/14 When District 21 goes after a Colombian drug gang following a series of brutal slayings, an asset in the investigation emerges.
1x02 Wrong Side of the Bars 1/15/14 Antonio believes a Columbian gang is involved in his son's kidnapping. Voight offers Antonio a new way to get information about Diego's whereabouts.
1x03 Chin Check 1/22/14 Voight and the team check out a house that has been associated with a series of gangs. People from the past cause Halstead's temper to rise.
1x04 Now Is Always Temporary 1/29/14 Olinsky tries to protect his daughter. A counterfeiting operation is investigated. When a hoarder is arrested, more than clutter is uncovered.
1x05 Thirty Balloons 2/5/14 Atwater and Burgess must keep their new patrol car in mint condition. The Intelligence Unit uncovers drug smuggling. Tensions rise between Olinsky and Ruzek.
1x06 Conventions 2/26/14 New York's SVU agents Fin and Rollins help track down a serial killer who rapes his victims; Burgess gets an opportunity to prove herself. Lindsay brings Halstead as her date to her high school reunion.
1x07 The Price We Pay 3/5/14 Voight's son may be involved with the Fitori murder case, intensifying tension between Antonio and Voight. Ruzek helps Burgess get retribution
1x08 Different Mistakes 3/12/14 Voight's son may be involved with the Fitori murder case, intensifying tension between Antonio and Voight. Ruzek helps Burgess get retribution
1x09 A Material Witness 3/19/14 Burgess and Atwater come across a gunshot victim and the only witness is Olinsky's daughter. Ruzek goes to Burgess for help with an undercover mission.
1x10 At Least It's Justice 4/2/14 Halstead must prove his own innocence in the Rodiger murder when Voight strips him of his badge.
1x11 Turn The Light Off 4/9/14 After a brutal, $8 million robbery, Intelligence discovers someone is killing off everyone involved.
1x12 8:30PM 4/30/14 Part Two of Crossover with Chicago Fire, Starting on "A Dark Day" (Chicago Fire 2x20) - In the final hour of the crossover event with Chicago Fire, Intelligence hunts down the culprit behind the hospital bombing while Burgess awaits news about how her niece is doing.
1x13 My Way 5/7/14 In order to stop a series of cartel killings, Intelligence must rely on Pulpo - the madman who kidnapped Antonio's son.
1x14 The Docks 5/14/14 While Antonio's life hangs in the balance, Intelligence embarks on a manhunt for Pulpo.
1x15 A Beautiful Friendship 5/21/14 Atwater is settling into intelligence whilst antiono is recovering. Lindsay realizes she has no way out and confides in oight. Jin is confronted about his meetings with Stillwell  

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