Chicago Medical Center is the main hospital in Chicago and is also the main setting of crossovers.

Main staff

  • Dr. William Halstead is the first-year Emergency Medicine attending.
  • Dr. Ethan Choi is a Chief Resident in the Emergency Department.
  • Dr. Connor Rhodes is one of the main Trauma Surgeons and is one of the newest, with Will and Jeff.
  • Dr. Daniel Charles is the head of the Psychiatric Department, with his trainee Sarah Reese who he recruited after she quit Pathology in season 1.
  • Dr. Natalie Manning
  • Dr. Isidore Latham is one of the best Trauma Surgeon in the hospital.
  • Dr. Sam Abrams
  • April Sexton - nurse and sister of Noah Sexton, a first-year resident and trainee.
  • Maggie Lockwood, nurse in charge of the Emergency Department and A&E, which she has named Baghdad.
  • Dr. Robin Charles - daughter of Dr. Charles and an epidemiologist.
  • Dr. Nina Shores

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