Always is the first episode of the third season of Chicago Fire. It aired on NBC on September 23, 2014.


Following the apartment fire explosion in "Real Never Waits" - everyone at Firehouse 51 survives, Mills with a broken leg, but Shay is killed on scene leaving everyone mourning her loss.

The episode forwards to six weeks later where we find many in Firehouse 51 have taken her death hard.

Severide, having been on leave after the incident, because of his close relationship with Shay, is now AWOL. Eventually, Casey finds him at his cabin where he admits he's reluctant to return, because he misses his best friend so much.

Casey continues to butt heads with Lieutenant Welch at Truck 66.

Wallace Boden and his wife double date with Mouch and Trudy, whilst Herrmann wishes to expand the Molly's brand, and Mills is given information about his father's family, who are closer than he thought, whom his mother had told him moved away.